Summer Reading Program

Our programs are on Monday and Wednesday starting at 3:00-4:00.  

July 7th Sink or Float learn how things sink in the ocean or water ways and what floats. We will discuss how this affects our environment. We will also be making an ocean picture including a great white shark.


July 12th Osborne's program will be Wings of Color.


July 14th The Beauty of Color we will present how to make a hanging mobile from recycled plastic making butterflies, hummingbirds and flowers.


July 19th Reading Makes A Difference.  The Strawberry Point (new) ambulance will visit us and the EMT'S will show how they take care of individuals and the different parts/equipment and items used to assist people in their time of need.  Each person attending will receive a packet of fun items and things to do. 


July 21st Color Your World with Nature.  A Fun exciting program that includes what creatures are in our habitat area. 


July 23rd Party Day!  Prize day for those who have read all summer and ice cream sundae.